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In today's big data world, huge amount of data is generated everywhere. Thousands of applications are running 24*7 hours and collecting data about People, Games, Politics, Whether, etc. Many business want to use this data to promote their products to their targetted customers for ex - A chocolate company wants to promote their products to all those people around the world, who are interested in chocolates, NOT in drinks.

Data Mining is a process of turning raw data into facts and useful information. Data Mining runs on historical data and determines complex trends and patterns happening within the Organization. Using data mining algorithms, a business can draw useful information about their products, customers, users etc. Which in turn helps to develop effective marketing strategies to increase the profit of overall organization.

MiningFact is a Data Mining & Data Analytics Company, which helps business to undertand the pain areas by discovering patterns in large data sets with the help of Machine Learning Algorithms & Statistics. We apply data mining algorithms to extract various useful data patterns and facts.

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Miningfact Process

Data Mining is a process that is used for Pattern Identification and Knowledge Discovery

Data Mining Process

Key Elements in Data Mining Process (ETL)

  1. Data Cleaning involves the removal of noicy and duplicate data.
  2. Data Integration involves the integration or migration of data from various sources.
  3. Data Selection involves the identification of relevant data for mining.
  4. Data Transformation involves the transformation of data into its approprite form, required for mining
  5. Data Mining involves the process of running various algorithms to find patterns and fact to become Intelligent Data.
  6. Pattern Evaluation is also a key process to generate the desired result.

MiningFact Services

We at MiningFact, a data mining and data analytics company, promise to provide creative, innovative and effective data analytics solutions. Our Data Analyst Team has an extensive experience of mining various facts and figures from the raw data.


Our team has expertise has expertise in Data Mining and Data Analytics Areas. They having vast knowledge of various Machine Learning Argorithms like Natural Language Processing, ETL techniques etc to help you to increase your Sales and Profits.


We provide innovative product development services with advanced features. We build products that are widely accepted and converts to sales and brings more revenue to your business. Our product development services frees you from all technical worries and allows you to focus on your bottom line business.


Our exclusive 24*7 software support and maintenance services are designed to deliver optimal value to your business. A dedicated team of expert software professionals sustain for remote technical support to avoid any downtime or performance issue so you can focus on your core business functions.

MiningFact Templates

We are providing ready made Responsive Business Websites along with hosting. Some sample templates are listed below:-

Fitness Club

Health Club

Responsive website for Health Clubs



Lawyer Firm Website



Doctor Website



Restaurant and Food Website

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